Pri glasbeni uri in glasbenem ustvarjanju učenci pišejo besedila za melodijo. 

Nekateri  so vešči pri pisanju besedila, drugi potem dodajo svojo melodijo. 

Svoje besedilo nove  pesmi nam je  predstavila učenka iz 7.a razreda Taja:


  • It was in the middle of summer vacation 
  • we were spending it in another nation. 
  • I’m sitting on the beach reading a book  
  • when something caught my eye – I needed to take a look. 
  • There stood my crush with sky blue eyes 
  • oh, he was more handsome than all the other guys. 
  • He asked me to hang out 
  • and of course I complied. 
  • Washed my hair, picked the pretty dress  
  • and with still wet hair I rushed outside. 
  • It was windy though, so I threw up. 
  • The same night 
  • I had to be inside. 
  • It was a bummer 
  • it really hurts to be sick in summer. 
  • In summer. 
  • It’s really bad 
  • to be sick in summer. 
  • In summer. 
  • After the date he started to visit me 
  • because I was sick 
  • I didn’t look as pretty. 
  • After I got better we went for a walk 
  • he was acting really suspicious, so I started to talk. 
  • A voice in my head told me the danger is near 
  • then he told me the words I hoped never to hear. 
  • The words hurt more than as if he broke my neck 
  • it turned out he was seeing a girl behind my back. 
  • On my way back home I started to cry 
  • while in my head I kept asking myself why. 
  • That girl was obviously better than me 
  • so I took a swim in the sea. 
  • I stayed inside, my life was a bummer 
  • why did I have to be sick in summer? 
  • In summer. 
  • Guess it hurts to be sick in summer. 
  • In summer. 
  • Soon he and his girlfriend broke apart 
  • what happened is she broke his heart. 
  • I came outside 
  • that wasn’t a bummer 
  • I got really sick this summer. 
  • This summer. 
  • And it hurts to be sick in summer. 
  • In summer. 
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